October 30, 2017

Bokksu expands membership base using Shuttlerock UGC Facebook Ads

Bokksu partnered with Shuttlerock to source and consent an abundance of user-generated content (UGC). This content perfectly showcased what it meant to be a Bokksu subscriber and resonated well with users – driving traffic and sales in the process.

Their Story

Bokksu is a premium subscription box for people to discover authentic Japanese snacks and teas from all over Japan. Bokksu has a notable reputation for high-quality service as well as a tendency to incorporate seasonal items and monthly themes to each of their boxes.

Their Challenge

As a new company, Bokksu were looking for ways to expand their advertising efforts to safely grow their business and consumer base. Partnering  with Shuttlerock, Bokksu were able to maximise their ROAS and reach a new level of growth.

Their Solution

Shuttlerock helped Bokksu capture and consent circulating UGC and leverage it into carousel Facebook ads. By connecting this imagery to Shuttlerocks auto-refreshing ad technology, Bokksu could test different content types, copy and funnel strategies.

As a result of this testing, Bokksu was successful in optimizing their ads to deploy highly relevant content, with the right amount of consistency.


Over three months Bokksu was able to successfully test the optimal campaign length to spend ratio for their subscription service. Through optimizing their ads with authentic auto-refreshing UGC, Bokksu experienced a dramatic increase in traffic and sales. These results allowed Bokksu to safely increase their ad spend while ensuring a positive return.


  • 27% increase in sales
  • 24% decrease in CPA


  • 55% increase in link clicks
  • 77% increase in CTR
  • 38% decrease in CPC

Thanks to Shuttlerock’s innovative content-generating platform and stellar account management, we were able to greatly scale up our Facebook advertising budget while at the same time decreasing our CPC and CPA!

Consequently, our conversions sharply increased, which has led to huge growth in Bokksu’s membership base and reach worldwide.

Danny Taing | Founder

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