January 21, 2018

eCooltra reaches more of the right audience with Shuttlerock

To achieve their goal of more efficiently acquiring users of the eCooltra mobile app, the scooter sharing brand launched new Facebook ad campaigns utilizing Shuttlerock’s content platform, auto-refresh technology, and short-form InstantVideos in each of their primary markets (Madrid, Barcelona & Rome).

During the campaigns first 30-day period, eCooltra achieved a 43.3% decrease in Cost per Mobile App Install, acquiring new users at a cost of €3.46 (compared to €6.10 in the previous 30-day period).


  • 43.3% decrease in Cost per Mobile App Install across eCooltra’s three primary markets (Madrid, Barcelona & Rome) compared to previous 30-day period
  • 31.3% increase in Link Click-through Rate driving potential app users to the Apple App Store & Google Play Store compared to previous 30-day period
  • 72.9% increase in App Store Conversion Rate (Installs / Link Clicks) compared to previous 30-day period

Their Story

eCooltra is Europe’s leader in scooter sharing with a fleet of 2,000 electric scooters present in Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon and Rome.  The colourful company runs their environmentally friendly scooter operation through a mobile application and is expected to be available in more cities across Europe in the near future.

Their Challenge

Entering the holiday period, eCooltra was eager to improve the cost efficiency of their mobile app install campaigns, while also decreasing the time and hands-on attention needed to monitor and optimize the campaigns.

The Solution

To achieve eCooltra’s goals, Shuttlerock launched new campaigns featuring a variety of content types including:

  • Existing eCooltra advertising assets (banners & brand approved photography)
  • User generated content (aggregated and consented by Shuttlerock)
  • 6-second InstantVideos (produced by Shuttlerock creative team)

By introducing new creative types, Shuttlerock was able to improve click-through rates (31.3% improvement compared to previous period) and deliver more qualified visitors to the eCooltra app pages (73.0% improvement in App Store conversion compared to previous period). It is interesting to note that User Generated Content, which Shuttlerock aggregated, outperformed all other types of content in these campaigns.

Shuttlerock was also able to decrease eCooltra’s campaign management time cost by utilizing auto-rotation ads that evaluated performance every 24 hours and swapped creative assets based on Cost-per-install performance. Over the course of the 30-day period, there were 143 completely automated creative refreshes of the ads, eliminating the need for manual updates and combating the effects of ad fatigue.

“We have being using Shuttlerock´s full solution including Autorotation, UGC and InstantVideos for a while now. With their tools we were able to create more personal ads for our Facebook acquisition channel, in which we saw an increase in engagement and a big drop in our CPI. This, in combination with the auto-rotate tool, we made sure that our potential customers saw new fresh visual content all the time. We are delighted with the outstanding performance that Shuttlerock gave us and we are looking forward to continuing our partnership next year”.

-Michael  Jessen, Mobile Marketing Manager, eCooltra

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