August 15, 2017

Shuttlerock joins the Facebook Marketing Partners Program

We are excited to announce that Shuttlerock has joined the Facebook Marketing Partners Program and also has become an Instagram Partner. We will now be recognized alongside a select group of partners, who are proven experts in helping brands achieve their marketing objectives through Facebook.

Introduction to Facebook’s Marketing Partner Programs

Shuttlerock joins less than 30 other Facebook Marketing Partner companies, and less than 20 other Instagram partners globally in the ‘Creative Platforms’ category.

According to Irene Yap, Facebook Global Marketing Partnerships,

“Only companies that meet our highest standard for innovation and commitment earn the Facebook Marketing Partner badge, as we want our clients to get the best.”

Irene further comments:

‘Every partner is vetted for excellence by industry, country and competencies associated to the Specialty.”

So, after consistent high-caliber ad campaign optimization and results, we’re proud to be identified as part of this distinguished group.

Expanding our capabilities into Facebook and Instagram

With exceptional targeting capabilities and constantly evolving ad formats, Facebook is undoubtedly one of the most effective advertising platforms. And Instagram has emerged as one of the world’s largest mobile ads platforms with more than 700M active users.

Some of our clients have seen up to 192% increase in leads when combining Facebook’s powerful platform with Shuttlerock’s creative optimization services.

We’ve worked very hard with Facebook over the last 12 months to further align our two platforms and getting the badge is a significant milestone for us.

Moving forward

Facebook has been moving towards shorter ad videos and in recent tests with Tropicana, 6-seconds has emerged as an ideal ad length.

Shuttlerock has been working for some time on our “InstantVideo’ product which takes a static image and turns it into 6-second short-form video.

With some fresh ideas and a shiny new Facebook Marketing partner badge under our belt, we look forward to taking your ad creative strategy to the next level.

For more information on the Facebook Marketing Program, you can check out our Facebook Marketing Partner profile, Instagram Marketing Partner profile or get in touch with us at


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