March 17, 2014

What the heck is SoLoMo and why is it relevant to you?

Next time you’re in a marketing brainstorming meeting and someone asks for the big trends, you can bust out ‘SoLoMo’. Your colleagues will be blown away!


Never heard of SoLoMo? In the fast moving world of internet jargon that’s no surprise. It’s actually been around since mid-2010 and was originally used in a presentation by John Doerr, a partner at the big USA Venture Capital firm Kleiner Perkins. Doerr was seeking to explain the big trends and how they were all coming together and SoLoMo was born.

What does it stand for?

Social. Local. Mobile.

More precisely it’s the interaction of these three mega trends that create the theme.

Social media is clearly a space that your business has to be represented. It’s where your customers are spending more and more of their time and it’s not just Facebook, its many platforms.

Local is all about relevance. Consumers are demanding information that is applicable to them in their location. Not too long ago business could get away with mass relevance; no more.

Mobile is more than the device in your consumers’ hands; it’s also about real time information any time anywhere. And with GPS enabled devices it is now possible to deliver local information.

Who is doing SoLoMo well?

Google do it well. Just search movies on your smartphone and you’ll get the local cinema listing and probably a social review. Foursquare are also SoLoMo enabling checking in on your smartphone and sharing updates. The latest exercise devices used by Nike and Fit bit also use your location on a mobile device and enable you to share or challenge friends, ticking the social box.

Why is it relevant to your business?

Very simple. It’s about meeting your customers’ expectations and demands. If you don’t then your competitors have an opportunity to fill that space.

The most important thing is becoming more relevant to your customer. This means providing the means for them to engage with you in a social way. That’s not just setting up a Facebook page, that’s providing relevant platforms full of engaging content. It’s also recognising that with the huge growth of mobile devices your customers expect to be able to use them to engage with your business. That’s more than a responsive website; it could include mobile apps or using third party platforms like Four Square or Shuttlerock.

For 2014 SoLoMoCo

From a business perspective, the one thing missing from SoLoMo is the need and desire for Content. Businesses are increasingly being asked to provide entertaining, educational and relevant content. When you add content to Social media in a local context all consumable on a mobile device then you have cracked it. Shuttlerock believes its platform ticks all these boxes and is having great results with clients seeking to meet this challenge.

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