October 17, 2017

Spy Valley Wines Instagram Story Success

Boutique winery uses innovative InstantVideos ads within Instagram Stories.

Spy Valley Wines, utilised eye-catching vertical-video ads in Instagram Stories to capture the attention of a new US audience base. This campaign proved to be an exciting and successful way to drive brand exposure and deliver their boutique product to a wider market.

Their Story

New Zealand’s Spy Valley Wines was established in the 1990’s with the aim to convert 320 acres of hard, infertile land into a prospering vineyard. Through innovative technology and a pioneering spirit, the brand established itself into one of the New Zealand’s most successful boutique wineries, exporting eight wines to over 35 countries.

Their Goals

  • To drive product awareness to key audiences in the USA
  • To increase online traffic to wine distribution partners
  • To support their exporting efforts, Spy Valley Wines set out to deliver product specific Instagram ads, driving awareness to users and urging them to visit marketplaces where they could make a purchase.

Their Solution 

Spy Valley worked with Shuttlerock to convert user generated content (consented customer photos) into micro-video ad creative. The vibrant short-form video ads were created through Shuttlerock’s InstantVideo technology, where ‘darkroom processes’ apply eye-catching, lightweight motion to static images.

It can be a challenging task to reformat landscape and square assets to Instagram Story specifications but Shuttlerock’s InstantVideo capabilities provided an easy digital solution for doing this at speed & scale.


Spy Valley also took the chance to test different InstantVideo ad creatives against each other constantly testing, changing and retesting based on their performance – a key part of optimising creative campaigns for best performance.

By using InstantVideos within their Instagram Stories campaign, Spy Valley Wines was able to seamlessly attract audience attention towards their brand-message without compromising the Instagram user experience.


Their Success

Spy Valley Wines achieved the following results between September 1-30, 2017

  • 177,000 Target Profiles Reached: Cost Per 1000 People Reached Decreased 14%
  • 20,600 Post Engagements: Cost Per Post Engagement Decreased 63%
  • People taking action increased by 32%

Reaching a wider audience for Spy Valley Wines was an essential return for investing in foreign-market advertising. With a limited audience in New Zealand, taking their ads to 177,000 users in US was a rich reward for this boutique winery.

In reaching a larger audience, Spy Valley’s carefully crafted InstantVideo Stories generated 20,600 post engagements. That’s a significant amount of users who may now consider this unique New Zealand Wine.

Additional results

Spy Valley Wines quickly grabbed people’s attention with their InstantVideos, driving brand awareness and inspiring purchase action.

Tests showed that standalone InstantVideos without any overlays or brand material had a 5.2% lower cost per link click, 3.5% higher link click through rate and 2.5% lower cost per 1000 impressions.

Other testing found that when the brand introduction was at the start (vs at the end) click through rate improved by 5.4%. Similarly, when the brand was introduced at the start and then removed (vs brand overlay throughout), click through rate increased by 9.1%.

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