August 4, 2017

Travel Leaders Delights with InstantVideos

For 30 years, Travel Leaders has excelled as America’s largest travel agency company. Their network expands over 7,000 affiliated travel agencies, each dedicated to providing customers with insider knowledge on global destinations.

Their Challenge

Travel Leaders face the real challenge of standing out within the cluttered US travel market. They partnered with Shuttlerock as an innovative, scalable solution to get more cut-through with Facebook advertising.

Their Solution

Travel Leaders worked to weave user-generated content (UGC) throughout their communications. Their strategy: spotlight traveller’s perspectives – especially their photos – to build interest and bookings for Travel Leaders agents.

The team used Shuttlerock’s custom built social hubs (i.e. Royal Caribbean’s #SeekYourRoyalAdventure) to display consented content in an engaging manner. Each piece of curated imagery was tagged with a call to action to the appropriate Travel Agent.

In addition, Travel Leaders seized the chance to pioneer Shuttlerock’s InstantVideo’s within their Facebook ad carousels. By optimizing their ads with a vibrant stream of video ad creative, they hoped to attract attention within the Facebook newsfeed, and drive conversions.

An example of User-Generated-Content transformed into an InstantVideo 


After 3 months, Travel Leaders was able to significantly scale their marketing activity. With the help of Shuttlerock’s moderation services, over 3,000 images/videos were consented and displayed across their UGC social hubs and brand communications.

The InstantVideo ad results were nothing short of extraordinary, with some adsets experiencing a CPC of $0.10US – a rare outcome from the FB newsfeed.

The overall campaign faced remarkable breakthrough:

  • 165% increase in campaign link clicks
  • 79% increase in CTR for InstantVideo over Static Image
  • 77% decrease in CPC for InstantVideo over Static Image

The ongoing partnership with Shuttlerock continues to drive customer acquisition and validation for the Travel Leaders brand.

“When my CMO told me about the click-throughs we’ve been getting with Instant Videos, I knew we’d discovered a Unicorn”.

Darren Press (Global Creative Director.
Travel Leaders Group).

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