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5 Examples of Brands Using Generative AI to Elevate Their Creative Capabilities

Generative AI has become an indispensable tool for today’s marketers. It’s now used on a daily basis to support various tasks, from writing email copy through to generating images for social. 

At Shuttlerock, we’re helping lead the way when it comes to leveraging generative AI to support creative production. We’ve developed a suite of AI-powered tools that assist marketers at different stages of the creative production process. This includes briefing, copywriting, image creation, asset enhancements, and voice-over recording. 

To highlight how these tools elevate marketers’ creative capabilities, this post explores five examples of brands utilizing these solutions. Each example presents a use case where generative AI has been used to overcome a marketing challenge.

Let’s dive in.


1. Corona 


For a Pinterest campaign, Corona was looking to produce video creative that showcased the product in a variety of outdoor settings. However, with limited time and resources, they wanted to achieve this without having to shoot any new content. 

Generative AI solution

Corona Gen AI example

To overcome this challenge, Corona supplied Shuttlerock with an existing image of a Corona can being held in front of a pool. 

Shuttlerock’s AI image generator was then used to develop a selection of new background images (stadium, beach, concert, picnic). Our team then replaced the background of the original image with these new settings. This was all then edited together – adding branding and copy – into a video optimized for Pinterest. 

With the hero video being delivered in just four days, this project is a great showcase of how quickly generative AI can enable ‌a new creative concept to be executed.

2. Doordash


Doordash came to us with a slightly different challenge.

They were looking to develop Reels creative that targeted football fans. They wanted to repurpose some video assets used for other platforms, but felt that this existing creative could be improved with a new opening that would better grab audiences attention. 

Generative AI solution

Doordash generative AI example

We worked with Doordash to ideate a new attention-grabbing opening to the video where a football was punted into the air and stopped with a freeze-frame effect. 

To achieve this, our AI image generator feature was used to create the necessary assets: stadium, football, grass. Our team then combined these assets and brought them to life with animation. This was then remixed with the existing video assets to deliver an engaging, Reels-optimized video. 

This example demonstrates how brands can leverage generative AI as a way of filling in any missing pieces that are needed for executing a creative concept. 


3. Kleenex


Kleenex had all the visual assets they needed to develop their creative concept. What they didn’t have, however, was a voice-over (VO). And they wanted to include one in order to drive home their message with sound-on viewers. 

The challenge was that hiring a VO artist was going to take too long and cost too much. 

Generative AI solution

By working with Shuttlerock, Kleenex was able to make use of our lifelike AI-powered voice-overs. When briefing the project via ShuttlerockCloud, they simply inputted a script, along with the type of voice they wanted.

Our team then got to work, and was able to deliver the remixed video with an accompanying AI-powered VO in just five days.


4. Villa Maria 


Villa Maria wanted to create a Reels video concept that showed audiences how to create the "ultimate grazing platter”. 

They had some assets on hand. However, they didn’t have an asset suitable for showing audiences the different steps and ingredients that go into making the platter.

Generative AI solution

Villa Maria generative AI example

To execute Villa Maria’s concept, we worked with them to generate an image with all the ingredients that were needed to match the instructions. Our team then animated the image to show the stages of the platter being created, with different ingredients coming in one by one. 

Without the assistance of generative AI on this project, Villa Maria either would’ve had to invest time and money into shooting new content, or scrap the concept entirely.


5. Twang


To connect with sports fans, Twang wanted to run a tailgate-themed campaign, presenting their products as the “MVP of Tailgates”. 

The problem was, they didn’t have the assets necessary to carry out the concept.

Generative AI solution

Twang Generative AI example

Based on Twang’s brief, we were able to generate a range of different AI images depicting tailgate scenes. Our design team then took these images and remixed them with Twang’s existing product images.

This shows how generative AI can enable you to do a lot with a little. The only assets Twang supplied us with were three product images. By using generative AI combined with animation and motion graphic design, you’re able to bring your creative vision to life, regardless of the assets you have available.


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