A New Approach To Brand Storytelling

Right now, 'business-as-usual' is a phrase we aren't going to hear much, and with good reason.

For most marketers, the economic and human impact of Covid-19 has become a combination of continued customer engagement and driving sales. It’s a balancing act between keeping the lights on whilst not seeming insensitive to what’s happening.

This will require a different approach to storytelling as audiences will be more engaged than ever in digital channels and looking for outside stimulation in the new normal of working-from-home. 

At Shuttlerock we have been fortunate in that our business was founded on the idea of taking existing brand assets and narratives, and bringing those stories to life in a fast, low-cost model. Our dedicated team of designers produce bespoke videos, purpose-built for mobile; from Instagram to YouTube and beyond. That appreciation of the nuances of each platform, and the need for varying narratives, has been key to our clients’ success. This meant a keen focus on a number of different areas: 

  • Speed and ability to iterate quickly 
  • Storytelling in shorter form content 
  • The importance of powerful upfront branding 
  • Delighting with audio music and sound effects (driven with consumer choice on or off)
  • High quality framing and design ethics

As we navigate world events and constantly evolve our design process for the brands we work with, we will also be sensitive to two prevailing themes in brand storytelling. Kantar’s recent study articulated this down to two key insights:

  1. Trusted brands that provide consumers with security and assurance 
  2. People will expect brands to:
    • Deliver real value
    • Act responsibly
    • Do right by their community and employees

We believe that lower cost and agile content creation is a necessity today more than ever but with a combined sensitivity in storytelling and understanding of impact at a local level. 

Shuttlerock operates in 32+ languages and 17 offices across the world and believes in practicing what we preach. Although this has always been important, now more than ever we’re focused on a new form of storytelling that accentuates this.

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