Amazon Sponsored Brands Video Ads: A Complete Guide (With Examples)

Introducing Amazon Sponsored Brands video ads

Sponsored Brands video ads enable you to stand out in Amazon results pages, connecting with customers as they shop – both on desktop and mobile. 

Sponsored Brands video ads are cost-per-click and allow you to target shoppers based on keywords, categories, and products, directing them to product detail pages or brand stores. From here, they can learn more about your brand or purchase products.


Two ways to connect with Amazon shoppers

Amazon Sponsored brands video ads

Product detail page campaign: Best for connecting shoppers with your product. These are shown in shopping results and on detail pages. 

Brand stores campaign: Use these when brand awareness is your objective. These ads direct shoppers to your brand store from shopping results pages. Can appear both above and below the fold on search results pages.


The anatomy of the ad unit

  1. Product details: Primary product image along with product information from detail page are displayed automatically.

  2. Video: 16:9 video creative. Will play automatically when 50% of pixels are on-screen.

  3. Mutle toggle button: Allows audience to control audio playback. By default, videos begin without sound.

  4. Custom brand logo: Your logo is placed here to help drive brand outcomes.

  5. Headline text: Add custom text to communicate characteristics of your brand/product.

  6. CTA: Add text that encourages shoppers to click through to your brand store.


Creative best practices

For Amazon Sponsored Brand video ads to be effective, you need to have the right creative. The following creative best practices will help optimize your video ads, helping to drive maximum impact with shoppers. 

  • Capture attention early

Use compelling visuals from the get-go to capture shoppers’ attention. Then deliver your key message within the first five seconds. 

  • Show your product up-front

Feature your product(s) prominently within the first few seconds. Amazon customers are in a shopping mindset; they are searching for products, so show them yours. 

  • Keep it brief & focused

Video length should fall between 15–30 seconds. Don’t bombard audiences with too much information. Keep your messaging tight and focused on a few key selling points. 

  • Include bold, easy-to-read text

Sponsored Brand video ads play with sound disabled by default. Use bold, easy-to-read text within your video to make sure your messaging lands without the need for sound. 

  • Design for mobile audiences

Many shoppers will encounter your ads on mobile devices. Keep this in mind when considering the size of your logo, text, and other key visuals. It needs to be easily read on a smaller mobile screen. 

  • Include logo & CTA

Bookmark the beginning and end of the video with your brand logo to help drive brand awareness. Also include a simple CTA to direct shoppers where you want them to go, e.g. “Shop now” or “Learn more”. 

  • Consider the loop

Sponsord Brand video ads automatically loop after ending. Consider adding an end card to give some breathing room, or get creative and make your loop seamless.


Examples of effective Sponsored Brands video ads

1. L'Occitane

L’Occitane used a Sponsored Brands video ad to promote a selection of their most popular products. The video applies simple messaging, bold text, and a variety of visuals to communicate the message in a concise manner. 


2. Wyler's Light

In the example above, you can see how Wyler’s Light used a Sponsored Brands video ad to show off their tropical product range. They were able to capture the attention of Amazon shoppers with vibrant visuals and dynamic transitions. 


3. Catalina Crunch

Catalina Crunch created a product-focused Sponsored Brands video ad showcasing their range of zero-sugar cereal snacks. The video features eye-catching transitions, impactful animation, and bold text. 


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