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Creative as a Force for Good


NEW YORK, 02 MARCH 2022 — As part of an ongoing commitment to drive positive change and give back to the community, Shuttlerock has made its first steps towards using the creative it produces as a force for good.

‘Creative For Good’ is an initiative first catalyzed into existence by Shuttlerock’s commitment to the Pledge 1% movement, where companies donate 1% of their time, product, profit and/or equity in an effort to support and accelerate the progress of mission-driven organizations.

CEO & Founder of Shuttlerock, Jonny Hendriksen says, “I’m so proud that we’ve grown Shuttlerock to a place where we can start giving back to our people, our communities and our planet. ‘Creative For Good’ is the first step in our long-term commitment to driving positive change.”

Shuttlerock’s ‘Creative For Good’ initiative partners with nonprofit organizations to equip them with the digital creative and marketing knowledge they need to gain traction in their online fundraising, volunteer recruitment and awareness efforts. By offering up creative services at no cost, nonprofits are able to gain access to the same world-class technology and services as leading enterprises.

Hendriksen continues, “We deliver impactful video creative to the world’s biggest brands every day. It’s time we extend that success to those who are focused on making the world a better place: to those promoting equality, tackling climate change, enhancing sustainability and improving our communities.”

The initiative will see Shuttlerock donating 1% of its product and 1% of it’s time as outlined in the program’s dual offering: the Creative Accelerator arm which offers three months of free access to Shuttlerock’s CaaS (Creative-As-A-Service) cloud solution where nonprofits can brief and order handcrafted video creative. And the Creative Academy arm which grants access to tutorials and other educational content designed to help marketers master the power of digital creative.

“Teach a man to fish…  you know how it goes,” says Kate Burn, Social Impact Lead at Shuttlerock. “Our ultimate goal of this program is to impart our knowledge and empower nonprofits with digital marketing skills that can further their organizations in the long-run. We hope that by working together, we can broaden our collective impact and see massive strides forward from those who are changing the world,” says Burn.

To learn more or to check eligibility criteria for Shuttlerock’s ‘Creative For Good’ initiative, visit or email

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