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Designing In A Virtual World

Oculus is the latest in innovative solutions that our teams are using to collaborate and design cross-continent.

With a workforce spread across four continents, and a client base reaching even further, Shuttlerock has always looked for new ways to be connected across time zones and geographical divides. 

To date, connectivity at Shuttlerock has primarily been via more traditional video conferencing solutions, such as WhatsApp, Slack, Skype and Google Hangouts.

In an effort to drive innovation, our product and design teams have been looking at the future possibilities and applications of virtual reality (VR), including how we can design for these environments.

Off the back of this, we’ve discovered the huge potential that VR solutions, like Facebook’s Oculus, have in bringing disparate teams together to collaborate in real-time.

The rise of remote offices are a result of the digital world breaking down physical boundaries; and despite distance, we find ourselves more connected than ever. Oculus enables Shuttlerock teams to connect with colleagues and clients from all over the world, combining the convenience of online meetings with the interactivity of face-to-face discussions.

With Oculus, Shuttlerock’s global design and production teams are immersing themselves in virtual 3D environments to collaborate, ideate, brainstorm and work as if they’re side-by-side, not thousands of miles apart. The ability to storyboard, art-direct and liaise from anywhere in the world empowers Shuttlerock teams to work smarter and faster, and produce more of their high-quality, low-cost mobile-optimized video ads. 

Once complete, design teams are able to showcase the finished products to the client in impressive ways. Choosing the right 3D environment (endless options ranging from large boardrooms to intimate meeting rooms to relaxed lounge areas) and pairing it with the optimum display method (presentations to 360° videos to 3D models) clients are able to navigate, point and interact with our products just like they would in real-life.

Actively collaborating and co-creating via Oculus is good news for existing clients and potential customers. A creative brief can be matched with any one of Shuttlerock’s 100+ in-house designers - regardless of their proximity to the client - meaning projects are assigned based on individual needs and best-fit. This results in stunning mobile-first video ads built with faster turnaround times, lower-costs and without compromise on quality.


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