Five Quick Tips To Launch TikTok Ads Like A Pro

We won’t waste your time with a lengthy introduction to TikTok - if you are a human being living on planet earth, you’ve heard of it.

After all, the app passed TWO BILLION total downloads in April of this year - a milestone reached by only a handful of apps in the mobile age. With that level of growth, advertisers have understandably been flocking to the platform ever since TikTok opened its Ads Manager tool to all businesses globally on July 8th 2020. If you still aren’t convinced, the company is currently offering $300 in ad credits, and matching an additional $2,000 of spend for most new advertisers who sign up.

The perfect time to get started is right now. Read on for our Five Quick Creative tips to launch your first TikTok ad campaign like a seasoned pro - then go sign up for TikTok Ads.


Vertical or bust

On other ad platforms you might run a mix of vertical, square, and even traditional landscape videos for your ads. Not on TikTok. On TikTok, it’s all vertical, all the time. Make sure you put in the work to fit in with 9:16 videos, or don’t be surprised if people swipe your ad into oblivion.


Fast just got faster

For mobile video ads, the common wisdom is to make sure you capture attention in the first 3 seconds. On TikTok, with a never-ending feed of entertainment just a swipe away, you better do it faster. Don’t waste time with polished logo cards or establishing shots - that first second better be the most engaging content you’ve got.


Push the limits of your brand

Consistency in brand voice and personality is important - but TikTok calls itself a “playground for creativity” for a reason. Don’t throw out your brand playbook completely, but push the boundaries and approach the platform with an open mind.


Mind your safe zones

This one is a little boring - but critical. You don’t want to spend weeks perfecting your first TikTok video ad just to find the key shot or call to action is blocked by TikTok’s user interface. Find all the safe zone specs here, and design accordingly.


Pump up the audio

Did you know TikTok started out as an app called The name has changed, but the emphasis on fun, engaging audio is as important as ever. Let’s be clear - this is not a “design for sound off” situation. Ditch the subtitles, and let your audio track do the talking - literally.

This is just a starting point - one of the most exciting aspects of TikTok is that it’s a new frontier. If you aren’t experimenting and pumping out new videos to test, you’re doing it wrong.  

At Shuttlerock, we’re ready to be your TikTok creative partner in crime. Leave the safe zones and aspect ratios to us, and focus on unleashing your creativity on the next big idea for your campaign. If you’re ready to make the leap, contact our team today.

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