How FinServ Marketers Use Shuttlerock to Elevate Their Digital Creative

FinServ marketers face an uphill battle when it comes to engaging online audiences through paid ads. In fact, if you analyze ad performance across all verticals, you’ll often find FinServ near the lowest for click-through rate (CTR), and near the highest for cost-per-click (CPC)

Yes, there are several inherent characteristics of FinServ that make it more difficult than other categories to achieve high levels of performance. That being said, however, there’s a lot that FinServ marketers can be doing to improve their results – especially in the area of creative

This is where Shuttlerock comes in. Our solutions help FinServ brands from across the globe produce more engaging, relevant, and personalized creative that resonates with today’s audiences across digital. Read on to see some of our solutions in action.


1. Stand out in a sea of sameness


FinServ is typically a low-involvement category with little differentiation between companies and the products they offer. Customers ‌will often arbitrarily choose a bank or insurance company to go with, citing that “they offer the same thing”. 

This lack of differentiation between brands has been exacerbated, in large part, by a sea of creative sameness. Traditionally, brands have followed the established playbook of polished visuals, professional setting, and a major focus on product, authority, and trust. 

As a FinServ marketer looking to differentiate your brand from competitors – while also engaging new generations of customers – you need to break from, and adapt these conventions, taking a fresh approach to your creative.


Shuttlerock solution

Instead of the polished, sleek aesthetic of traditional FinServ ads, focus needs to be on developing creative that is authentic, human-centered, and platform-native. At Shuttlerock, we enable FinServ marketers to achieve this by remixing existing content into creative that customers connect with. 

An example of this can be seen above with our work with SoFi. For this project, SoFi worked with our team to remix footage from two creators. Our designers transformed the raw footage into impactful 15-second TikTok in-feed ad creative with a relatable, concise message. To mirror organic TikTok content, we also applied visual conventions such as platform-native copy, emojis, hashtags, and the popular greenscreen background effect.

While UGC and creator content is great to have, we also help FinServ brands remix a whole range of other content types, crafting them into authentic, platform-native creative. Take the work for Capital One above for example. Here, Capital One supplied us with various existing video assets, which we then remixed for Facebook and Instagram Reels. To optimize for the Reels placement, we used fast-paced editing with impactful transitions to help maintain audience engagement. We also applied platform-native copy and emojis to match organic Reels content. 

Both the SoFi and Capital One examples above highlight how FinServ brands can stand out in a sea of sameness by adapting their creative strategy to match organic content. Doing this helps drive relevance and engagement with a new generation of customers.


2. Personalize creative to activate different customer motivators


FinServ marketers are trying to reach diverse audience segments. However, the fact that they take a one-size-fits-all approach with their creative often restricts their ability to do so. The challenge for FinServ marketers is how to avoid matching luggage and effectively communicate with different types of audiences through personalized messaging and visuals.


Shuttlerock solution

Now more than ever, creative needs to do the heavy lifting when it comes to ad personalization. 

FinServ marketers can no longer rely on one-size-fits-all creative backed by granular targeting to connect with the right audience. Instead, content needs to contain a high degree of creative diversification in terms of messaging and visuals. This allows campaigns to speak to different audiences, motivators, and needs.

At Shuttlerock, the streamlined and scalable nature of our creative solution ‌enables FinServ marketers to quickly and easily produce high volumes of diversified assets. An example of this can be seen in the creative we produced for Xero above. Instead of producing one video that tries to cover all bases, we worked with them to develop six different creative concepts – each speaking to a slightly different customer motivator. 

Being able to efficiently diversify creative can have a big impact on your campaign's performance and reach. On Meta, for instance, campaigns with creative diversification show up to a 32% improvement in CPA, and a 9% improvement in incremental reach. Running a diverse set of creative is also one of the best ways to avoid creative fatigue.


3. Stay agile to tap into trends


Digital platforms, whether it’s TikTok, Facebook, or YouTube, are abuzz with conversations surrounding the world of finance. #FinTok for example, is one of the most active communities on TikTok with 4.7B views.

The important thing about these spaces is that they have their own language and trends. To drive relevance and engagement, FinServ marketers need to be aware of these and develop relevant creative that speaks the language. To do so, however, requires agility in your creative process in order to adapt to ever-changing trends and communities.


Shuttlerock solution

Working with Shuttlerock, FinServ brands significantly speed up their creative production process. This is enabled by the following characteristics of our solution: 

  • Remixing existing assets as opposed to shooting net-new content.

  • Dedicated creative technology (ShuttlerockCloud) to streamline briefing, revisions, and delivery. 

  • Fixed-cost plans with unlimited formats and copy variations. 

With this agility, FinServ brands are able to capitalize on opportunities as they arise as opposed to being bogged down by rigid communication plans and lengthy production processes. The goal for FinServ marketers should be to become part of the conversations playing out organically and in real-time across different platforms. This is impossible if it takes you a long time to produce new content. By the time it’s delivered, the conversation has moved on to something else.


4. Streamline compliance & unlock scale


As shown in the points above, creative scalability is key for FinServ brands looking to drive ad performance across digital. However, if you’re starting from scratch for each deliverable, it simply costs too much and takes too long, heavily restricting your creative output.

This is a challenge that all brands are facing, no matter the vertical. However, for FinServ, the challenge is magnified due to an added layer of regulatory/compliance rules and requirements that each piece of creative needs to adhere to, further slowing down the production process. 


Shuttlerock solution

In order to solve this challenge, content reuse needs to be a top priority for FinServ marketers. 

Enter Shuttlerock. Our expertise in repurposing and remixing existing assets enables FinServ brands to expedite the production process. An example of this can be seen above in a project for Liberty Mutual. We were able to help them produce a high volume of optimized creative quickly, by leveraging assets that had already been cleared by legal.

Alongside our repurposing expertise, our dedicated technology, ShuttlerockCloud, featuring Generative AI tools, helps to further speed up the process. These tools enable FinServ marketers to scale and iterate creative quickly, ensuring they have all the creative they need, when they need it.


Start producing high-impact FinServ creative with Shuttlerock 

If you’re a FinServ marketer looking to elevate your digital campaigns with more engaging, personalized, and scalable creative, please feel free to request a demo to further explore how our creative solution helps Finserv brands. Alternatively, you can get in touch with one of our crew members. 


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