How to Create Video Ads More Efficiently by Repurposing Existing Assets

Running video ads is essential in today’s digital advertising landscape. Video content now dominates online media consumption, requiring brands to follow suit in order to connect with audiences.

But brands don’t just need video ads; they need quality video ads, and they need them at scale.

Many marketers are struggling to keep up with these demands as video ads can be costly and resource-intensive to produce. This often leads to brands settling for creative of lesser quality or producing at lower volumes – compromises that restrict ad performance. 

A way to avoid this is to produce video ads by repurposing existing brand assets as opposed to starting from scratch. This approach facilitates scale by reducing costs and accelerating production timelines, while also delivering at a high level of quality.  

At Shuttlerock, this is our bread and butter. We work with you to get more value out of assets that you’ve already invested in by transforming them into top-quality video creative. 

You’ll be surprised at what you can achieve with the assets you already have at your disposal. To highlight this, let’s take a look at some of the various assets that can be repurposed for your video advertising efforts. 


1. Product pack-shots

Let’s say you’re a packaged goods brand. You’re going to have core product pack-shot imagery that features in various pieces of marketing collateral, such as your ecommerce product listings. 

These very basic static assets can be brought to life through animation and motion graphics. Toro Skincare, for example, worked with us to transform their ecomm pack-shots into dynamic, engaging video ads. Our design team created 3D models from the png files provided. These models were then animated and stitched together with engaging transitions to deliver the creative that you see above.


2. Key visuals

Key visuals are great assets to repurpose into video ads as they offer more elements for designers to play around with.

In the example above, Health-Ade provided Shuttlerock’s design team with a bunch of different key visual images that were developed for other promotional purposes. These visuals were then animated, taking elements such as the fruits and amplifying them through motion graphic techniques.


3. Photoshoot imagery

Photoshoots can be expensive. But if you also use these images in your video ads, you will be able to maximize the value of this investment.

Clothing brand, New Yorker, has been doing exactly that, working with Shuttlerock to transform their photoshoot imagery into a video ads optimized for TikTok.


4. Creator content

So far we’ve shown ways of repurposing image assets into video. But you may also have different types of video content that needs to be adapted and optimized to work for digital placements.  

Creator content is perhaps the most powerful type of video content that you can leverage within your video ads. Working with creators will help you to connect with audiences as your ads will function more as entertaining content, as opposed to disruptive ads. Lemon Perfect achieved this by collaborating with musician/creator Jacob Sigman, and using this footage as the basis for a set of TikTok and Reels video ads.


5. User-generated content (UGC)

Similar to creator content, repurposing user-generated content (UGC) is a great way to create ads that are more authentic and relatable. 

Hush Blankets, were able to achieve this by using a mixture of UGC testimonial video assets featuring customers interacting with their products. The end result showcases the product in a more genuine light, helping it resonate with audiences. 


6. In-app imagery

If you're promoting an app or a tech solution, the visuals of your interface can be easily transformed into effective video ad creative. Designers can take these images and animate different elements to communicate functionality.

You can see an example of this from the fintech app, KOHO, above. The majority of the video ad was built using screenshots of their app interface.


Explore your repurposing potential

This is by no means a complete list of assets that are suitable for repurposing into video ads. But hopefully it got you thinking of the types of the assets that your brand is sitting on that could be leveraged to help make your video creative production more efficient. 

If you would like to explore how Shuttlerock can help you bring your assets to life, please feel free to request a demo of our creative solution, or get in touch with a sales representative in your area.

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