Polling With A Purpose: 4 Ideas For Effective (And Fun!) Poll Ads

In the mobile world, advertisers are always hunting for “the next big thing” to capture attention and drive meaningful engagement.

We’re here to tell you that thing has already arrived: interactive polling ads.

Introduced to Instagram Stories and Facebook Feed in 2019, polling ads are short, snappy, and easy to create. Oh, and did we mention they get the job done? Instagram found that including a polling sticker in ads increased the number of 3-second video views in 9 out of 10 campaigns.

So, what to ask? And why? Have no fear, Shuttlerock is here to guide you through the polling paradox and cover some of our favorite ways to poll with a purpose. Enough chit-chat, let’s “hit the polls”.


Create hype around an announcement.

Brand announcements are the perfect time to foster engagement through polling and simultaneously boost awareness. Invite the audience to be a part of the occasion and weigh in on new flavors, colors or varieties of your product.


Tap into people’s curiosity.

Ask a trivia question that relates to your brand to get people testing their knowledge. To add some “game show” flair, use video creative with a countdown revealing the correct answer at the end - increasing the time spent looking at your ad. Or use a CTA to get people to your site to see the answer.


Have some fun with your brand.

Sometimes the best poll is one with two answers that work together to drive home a brand message. When using this approach, ramping up the hyperbole can help you get noticed and be memorable.


Take the pulse of your audience.

For big business decisions we recommend a research plan a bit more formal than a poll on Instagram. But polling ads can be an easy way to get some quick insights into your audience. For example, an apparel brand could use poll responses to point the way on which items to feature in future posts.


The results are in.

All in all, when it comes to polling the most important thing is to make sure your questions align with your brand and overall business goals. Take the time to think about the answers the audience wants to see or, better yet, get us to do that thinking for you.

At Shuttlerock we’re all about creativity and innovating with the latest ad formats - get in touch and we’ll suss out the perfect poll for your Facebook or Instagram campaign, and design a mobile-first video to make it pop off the screen. Let’s get to work!

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