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Shuttlerock Announced as Snap Inc. Creative Partner

NEW YORK — 18 DEC 2020 Shuttlerock, the pre-eminent provider of video ad creative, were today announced as a creative partner with Snap Inc. (NYSE: SNAP). This comes out of an innovative partnership and deep commitment by both companies to offer Snap Inc.’s (Snapchat) advertisers ways to reach the Snapchat community with beautiful ads that are native and non-intrusive. 

This marks the seventh global creative partnership for Shuttlerock announced in 2020. Together with Snapchat, official creative partnerships with Twitter, Facebook, Google/YouTube, Hulu, TikTok and Pinterest help position the company as a complete solution for enterprise brands striving for cross-channel success. Additionally, Shuttlerock Creative Labs helps its clients to explore futuristic formats and next generation innovations. This will include, amongst other innovations, Snapchat augmented reality (AR) Lenses. 

“As the advertising landscape continues to evolve, with added importance being placed on vertical video formats, we are excited to be partnering with Shuttlerock. We believe the video advertising company will provide brands and advertisers the opportunity to create Snapchat Ads that are equally engaging and innovative”, said Stephen Anderson, Senior Creative Strategist for Snap in APAC.

“We are thrilled to partner with Snapchat, to help brands engage with their vibrant community of nearly 250 million daily users,” said Cam Burns, SVP, Partnerships, Shuttlerock. “We are well-placed as leaders in video creation, offering in-house create strategists, handcrafted video and a world-class scalable production model.”

Specifically, Shuttlerock will help brands create full-screen, immersive canvases that inspire action. The company will deploy creative directly from Shuttlerock’s proprietary creative production solution to Snapchat’s self-serve Ads Manager. From there the  content can be used to create Snapchat video ads or AR Lenses. All the while, this will help grow audiences and drive quality engagement and high ROI for businesses. 

Shuttlerock’s proprietary platform leverages a network of in-house design facilities and technology to quickly create high-performance video ads using existing visual assets as simple as a still photo. This allows marketers to rapidly maximize the reach and impact of existing creative and ensure the optimal performance of planned media investment.

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