Shuttlerock + TRIBE: Helping Brands Build Authentic Ad Creative At Scale

The growing need for authentic creative

Recently, the look and feel of digital ads has been undergoing somewhat of a makeover, with two key trends: user-generated content (UGC) and influencer marketing having a significant impact on digital ad formats and the creative being built for them. 

You just have to look at both TikTok and Facebook/Instagram Reels ads where brands are encouraged to move away from polished video where the focus is mostly on product characteristics and towards an approach where real people—and their interaction with the product—take center stage.

Of course you could also argue that traditional ads also feature “real people''. However, we are using this phrasing to highlight the stronger sense of connection that audiences feel when watching creative that draws on user-generated or influencer content, compared to the detachment that can occur with professional actors and highly orchestrated scenarios.

When used in placements such as TikTok in-feed or Instagram Reels this approach to creative also benefits from the fact that it’s less-disruptive. What do we mean by this? And why is it a good thing? 

Well, imagine for a moment that you’re scrolling TikTok or Instagram Reels. Think about the type of organic content you are encountering. Now consider a highly polished traditional ad placed amongst this content. It’s likely to stick out like a sore thumb. 

When audiences encounter an ad like this, they are quick to identify it as an ad and quickly swipe past it in order to return to organic video content. 

On the other hand, when you use UGC or influencer content as the basis of your creative, audiences are far more receptive as the video is more naturally integrated into the platform experience. This helps brands to drive higher engagement and view time

These benefits are the reason why brands are now looking to production methods that enable them to harness the authenticity provided by user-generated and influencer content.


Shuttlerock + TRIBE: the formula for authentic creative at scale

You may be thinking: how do I actually go about building this authentic style of ad creative? What if I don’t have any UGC, or relationships with influencers? Or what if I’ve tried this in the past but it proved to be non-scalable due to the time and resources that were required? 

In response to these common roadblocks, Shuttlerock has joined forces with leading social influencer marketing platform, TRIBE, to offer brands a streamlined all-in-one solution that makes it quick and easy to source user-generated/influencer content and transform it into optimized ad creative for digital platforms.


How does it work?

1. Work with TRIBE to source original, high-quality creator content

TRIBE—via their easy-to-use platform—enables brands to tap into a pool of over 60,000 talented and diverse influencers/creators to produce beautiful branded content.

To kick things off, you create a campaign and invite creators to pitch their concepts. You are able to then pre-approve your favorites from the submissions that roll in. After this, creators will submit final content which you are able to then license and deploy across your marketing channels.


2. Utilize Shuttlerock to transform creator content into optimized ad creative, at scale

Once you have sourced your creator content—whether it be images or video—from TRIBE, Shuttlerock helps you take it further by transforming it into optimized ad creative for any digital platform.

You can let Shuttlerock know exactly what creative deliverables you need by briefing a project through our tech-powered solution, ShuttlerockCloud. From here, our in-house design team will take the reins, adapting the creator content to fit your desired platform(s), adding in branding elements and text so that it functions as highly impactful ad creative to help you meet your campaign objective. 

Shuttlerock can also help you to build out endless creative iterations from the same piece(s) of creator content. This could be multiple video durations, messaging variations to target different audience segments, translations, or optimizations for different platforms—whatever you need to meet your campaign objectives.


3. Launch your campaign!

With your ad creative built, you’re now set to launch your campaign. The authenticity of the creative provided by leveraging creator content will give your ads the best chance to resonate with and ultimately engage your target audiences. 


Case study: Logitech

One brand to successfully combine TRIBE’s creator content with Shuttlerock’s production of platform-optimized creative has been Logitech. For a new campaign, their UK team were looking to promote their new MX Anywhere 3 Mouse to a younger audience segment. 

To do so, Logitech first turned to TRIBE, whose pool of creators were able to produce a library of high-quality branded content featuring the product. Shuttlerock then took a selection of images and videos from this library and transformed them into video ad creative optimized for Facebook and Instagram placements. 

The result? The content and creative resonated strongly! Year-on-year, Logitech saw a 200% increase in engagement rate, a 45% increase in CTR, and a 22% increase in sales growth. 


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