Press Release

Twitter + Shuttlerock: an Official Creative Partnership to Tweet about

NEW YORK - November 11, 2020. 
Shuttlerock and Twitter are joining forces in a Creative Partnership. 

Shuttlerock is proud to announce that the industry-leading video solution has been named a Twitter Official Partner. The announcement recognizing Shuttlerock as a leading provider for Creative Solutions reflects a long history of collaboration for regional and multinational enterprise brands looking to drive creative success on Twitter with scalable, high-quality video creative.

Cameron Burns, SVP of Partnerships at Shuttlerock says, “We are so excited to continue our long standing relationship with Twitter as an official Creative Partner. From day one we have been focused on supporting our partners and their advertisers to create beautiful video ads, at scale”.

Burns continues, “We’ve supported 1000’s of advertisers globally to build creative advertising solutions at scale through our unique business model that combines global in-house design and production studios, technology, systems and of course world class creative services. We enable enterprise brands to create 100’s of handcrafted video assets, at speed and within budget.

This partnership sits alongside five other official recognitions for Shuttlerock in 2020, including YouTube, Google Apps, Hulu, TikTok and Pinterest, positioning the company as a complete solution for enterprise brands striving for cross-channel success.

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