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Shuttlerock’s New Subscription Model Reduces Creative Production Cost By Up To 75%

NEW YORK, 6th December 2021:  Shuttlerock, world-leading Creative as a Service (CaaS) solution, today announced Shuttlerock Subscription, a pricing model that will enable marketers to create a steady stream of digital advertising content at a fixed monthly cost. The subscription service is available today globally in markets including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the U.K. and the U.S.

Marketers are challenged with delivering an ever-growing number of staticless digital assets for different platforms, placements and audiences. This combined with the onset of the  staticless future, which sees a shift to more content that moves - be it video, 3D, AR - creative production costs have never been higher, while marketing budgets remain flat or have decreased.

The subscription model gives marketers access to produce all the creative they need, from video ads (6-30s) to static images to banners. The opportunity to get 10 to 30 creative assets per month provides brands maximum flexibility to pick the exact format, platform, and placement for their campaigns without compromise or worrying about budget overages. The full process is managed from beginning to end on ShuttlerockCloud - from briefing to revisions to asset deployment and storage. This cuts out the back and forth and creative can be delivered in three to five days, 24/7.

“While we were innovating in the areas of creative production and technology to enable scale, we realized none of it would matter if we used traditional pricing models that make scaling prohibitively expensive for marketing teams. Instead, treating creative as an always-on service with a simple, repeatable process empowers marketers to scale without compromising on quality, speed and consistency, and crucially, without breaking the bank,” said Scott McBride, Chief Revenue Officer, Shuttlerock.

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A number of brands, including Moët Hennessey, Xero and Dubber, are already taking advantage of the subscription service to create more efficiency and effectiveness in the development of their creative digital content.

“Shuttlerock has a compelling capability to deliver world-class staticless creative to any ad format we require at a substantially lower cost and faster speed than inhouse or agencies”, said Andy Lark, Chief Customer Officer, Dubber. “Staticless advertising isn’t just more effective; it’s a better way to increase mental and digital availability of our brand. In addition, they’ve given us certainty and flexibility on costs while amplifying the creative output of our teams.”

In the last year Shuttlerock increased the number of assets it has produced for clients by 66 percent. The company’s  $20M Series A fundraising secured in May will see it continue to expand, with over 100 planned new hires globally in the coming months to meet rising demand.

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