10 Examples Of TikTok In-Feed Ads To Inspire Your 2022 Campaigns

Over the past year, TikTok has secured its place as one of the most powerful advertising channels available to marketers. On the platform, ads play a unique role, seeking to integrate within the platform’s creative, community-minded spirit. This has resonated with audiences who have ranked TikTok number one when it comes to ad equity for the second year running. 

Due to this, TikTok is making a strong case for a significant allocation of media investment, and marketers seem to be in agreement, with 3 out of every 4 stating they will be increasing their TikTok spend in 2022.  

So, what will this look like? Where will this increased media spend be utilized?

Well, this will of course depend on a brand-by-brand basis, however, our prediction would be that in 2022, TikTok In-Feed Ads will get the most attention, becoming a staple format for many in their media mixes.

Appearing within TikToker’s For You pages, In-Feed Ads are full-screen, sound-on vertical videos up to 60-seconds in duration that include a prominent CTA button that can be utilized for various objectives. 

In order to inspire you to create your own impactful In-Feed Ads in 2022, this article showcases 10 examples produced by Shuttlerock’s team of TikTok creative experts. 


Example #1 - Beetology


Organic beet juice brand, Beetology, utilized TikTok In-Feed video ads to build brand awareness amongst health-conscious consumers on the platform. The video was upbeet (excuse the pun) with fast, engaging transitions that blended user-generated content (UGC) with brand elements.  


Example #2 - Goodie Box


Beauty product subscription service, Goodie Box, were looking to drive consideration amongst Gen Z and Millennial audiences in Europe. To do so, the brand utilized three different In-Feed TikTok ads, each highlighting a different aspect of their customer experience. 


Example #3 - Frank's Red Hot


Looking to boost brand awareness in the U.K market for their new craft range, American hot sauce brand Frank’s Red Hot utilized eye-catching In-Feed creative in order to capture the attention of spicy food-loving TikTokers.  


Example #4 - Wilkinson Sword


In order to promote their Hydro Comfort razors, Wilkinson Sword engaged TikTokers with bold In-Feed ads that fully made use of the placement’s vertical framing. The creative also features the brand logo throughout the duration and concludes with a strong CTA with visual cues encouraging the viewer to swipe. 

Example #5 - Olay


Skin and personal care brand Olay, utilized the TikTok In-Feed placement in Germany to communicate their Power Of Duo products: Collagen Peptide day cream, and Retinol night cream. This was done by repurposing an influencer testimonial post, helping to provide authenticity to the ad. 


Example #6 - Speechify


Speechify, an AI-driven text-to-speech app that makes reading easy, utilized In-Feed video ads to drive app installs. The creative utilized a number of different UGC videos to showcase the app in action in an authentic manner. 


Example #7 - Itsu


East Asian-inspired British food brand, Itsu, encouraged TikTokers to stop scrolling and to “take a bao”—building awareness for their frozen Bao Bun range. The product-focused In-Feed ads were bright and bold, whilst also having a playful tone helping them to effectively engage young adult audiences. 


Example #8 - Soylent 


Sustainable and nutritious drink brand, Soylent, used the TikTok In-Feed placement in order to showcase a delicious pancake recipe that could be made using their Original Powder products. The UGC, instructional video gave the ad a strong native feel, helping it to resonate with the target audience. 


Example #9 - American Tourister


Luggage company, American Tourister, deployed a set of colorful, high-energy In-Feed Ads to build excitement around the return of travel and drive awareness amongst young adult audiences. 


Example #10 - Yoga-Go


Aimed at driving installs, mobile Yoga app, Yoga-Go, created a set of direct-response focused TikTok In-Feed Ads that had concise, straight-to-the-point messaging and a strong CTA. 


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